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At Hydro, we are a team built on connection and dedication, focused on delivering safe, reliable service to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. We pride ourselves on being strong and steady, tried and true; while innovating in our approach to our business. We value our employees, we take care of each other, we recognize excellence, we respect individuality, and we work hard to create an inclusive and welcoming workplace. People who work at Hydro feel like they’re part of a community and we give back to the communities where we live and work to make them stronger.

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Why Choose Hydro

Join our team of 1500+ who bring passion, expertise, integrity and perseverance to everything they do. At Hydro, we’re a family anchored by our values.

The work we do is incredibly challenging and rewarding.  We are serving our province, working together and enabling sustainable growth. There are so many reasons you should consider working with us!

Compensation and Benefits

We offer competitive salaries and benefits to our employees. Our pay rates and salaries take into consideration the skills, qualifications, education, and experience you bring to the table. We offer excellent benefits and a pension plan to our employees. Our employees receive vacation entitlements, statutory holidays, floating holidays, family leave, and sick leave.

Health & Wellness

At Hydro we understand that balance and wellness is critical to our employees’ safety, health and wellbeing. We offer programs to support your health and wellness by offering incentives, corporate challenges, along with monthly education and awareness opportunities to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. We provide enhanced support and information relating to mental health as well as physical health.

Remote & Hybrid Work

We understand the changing workforce. We offer remote or hybrid working arrangements for some positions based on the nature of work being performed and an assessment of other relevant factors.

Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We are continually striving to create a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). We welcome all experiences, knowledge and backgrounds, recognizing that it enhances our culture and contributes to our success. We pursue a work environment were all employees can belong and thrive.

Energy from the Heart

Our community commitment is as strong and reliable as the energy we provide. We power homes and businesses, but we can also power positive change in our communities. Through our Energy from the Heart Community Program, Hydro and our employees generously support charitable groups and non-profit organizations all around our province through community partnerships, in-kind support and financial donations, volunteering, and scholarship program.


Growth and opportunity are foundations to maintaining a highly motivated team of employees who are committed to our success and future direction. Hydro strives to facilitate a learning culture which enables continuous improvement and internal career development for the long-term benefit of both the company and its employees. Our career-enhancing programs include internal and external training, leadership development, apprenticeship, graduate development program (Engineering), professional association membership, and educational leaves of absence.