Billing issue identified and being resolved for customers in Labrador isolated diesel communities

Earlier this week it was brought to Hydro’s attention that a billing issue occurred impacting our residential customers in Labrador isolated diesel communities. Some customers’ bills are inaccurate, and we sincerely apologize to customers for this error. We have taken immediate steps to correct the error and we are in the process of issuing corrected bills for impacted customers, which will include a credit for energy which was billed incorrectly.

Our customers in Labrador isolated diesel communities have a rate structure whereby the first block energy rate (1000 killowatt hours) is charged at a lower rate, with electricity use beyond the first block charged at progressively higher rates.

Unfortunately, delayed meter readings resulted in some electricity bills being estimated too low – when meters were read for February bills and a true-up was completed, the additional energy usage was inappropriately charged in the higher rate blocks – resulting in the higher than normal bills for customers.

We are reviewing our metering practices in an effort to ensure accurate meter readings. Wherever possible, we read meters on a monthly basis. In the event of extreme weather conditions, our meter readers may not be able to get meter readings on a regular basis. In such cases, readings will be estimated based on past usage and, if necessary, bills are adjusted when future readings are taken. You can find more about meter reading on our website –

We encourage customers who have any questions regarding the accuracy of their bill to call our customer service team at 1-888-737-1296 and we apologize to our customers for any concerns these inaccurate bills may have caused.