Advisory: Testing and energization of new transmission lines

Hydro is reminding customers that significant work continues to be carried out on our electrical system that will strengthen the province’s electricity infrastructure and improve long-term reliability for our customers. 

Testing and commissioning of the new transmission line from Bay d’Espoir to the Avalon Peninsula, as well as the Maritime Link (owned by Emera) between southwestern Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, is ongoing with energization of both lines expected later this week.  

While we do not anticipate any customer impacts as a result of this work, there is some risk whenever new equipment is brought online.  

Other significant work has also been in progress over the past several weeks, including the connection of existing transmission lines into the new Soldiers Pond switchyard; the connection of a new line from Granite Canal into the Bottom Brook terminal station, and the completion of Nalcor’s Labrador-Island Link transmission line.

We’re monitoring the system closely and we’re committed to keeping customers informed on the status of the electricity system. Advisories will be issued when major pieces of equipment are removed from service, added or commissioned, or whenever outages are planned. For up-to-date information, you can visit our website at, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.