Advisory: Maritime Link testing, Jan. 9-10

Island customers are advised that testing of the new Maritime Link transmission line to Nova Scotia is ongoing. Additional testing is scheduled to be conducted overnight tonight (Jan. 9-10) from approximately 11pm to 6am.

This is part of Emera’s commissioning process for the new line. Hydro is working closely with Emera to coordinate the testing while ensuring reliable, safe delivery of electricity to our customers during this period.

While no customer impacts are anticipated, testing newly connected equipment such as the Maritime Link could cause brief power interruptions. The testing is carefully planned in order to minimize any potential impacts.

Significant work continues to be carried out that will strengthen the province’s electricity system and improve long-term reliability for customers. We continue to monitor the electricity system closely and we are committed to keeping customers informed. For up-to-date information, please visit us online at and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.