Advisory: Controlled Water Release at Multiple Sites; Potential Release at Additional Sites

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro is advising residents, cabin owners and travellers that the Company is currently releasing water at the following locations:

  • in the Burnt Pond and White Bear River areas of Central and Southern Newfoundland at Burnt Dam Spillway into the White Bear River;
  • in the Granite Canal area accessed from Central Newfoundland at the Granite Bypass Structure;
  • the North Salmon Dam spillway into the North Salmon River; and
  • the Star Lake Spillway into Star Brook and then Red Indian Lake.

High inflows resulting from snow melt and heavy rainfall could lead to a need to release water at other locations. The Company may be required to release water at the following locations:

  • the Hinds Lake Spillway through Hinds Lake Brook into Grand Lake;
  • the Granite Overflow Dykes into Grey River. Releases at the Granite overflow dykes may wash out the road to Burnt Dam, located 15.5 km from the Granite turn-off.

People are advised to use these areas with great caution as water levels and flows will be higher than normal and may be unpredictable.