Working Together

Goal 5: Continue to Prioritize the Safety and Health of our Employees

A safe and healthy work environment is critical. We are committed to preventing injury and illness, and supporting the safety and overall health of our employees.

The safety and well-being of our employees will always be our number one priority. In fact, in 2021, we were awarded Electricity Canada’s President’s Award of Excellence for Employee Safety in Generation for the third consecutive year. We know that our employees are feeling the impact of pandemic fatigue, no different than many organizations; and this, together with the effects of our substantial organizational change, are having impact on our recent safety performance. We are carefully monitoring our trends and are dedicated to working with employees to improve our safety performance.

We will continue to build on our existing tools and processes to anticipate and mitigate safety risks. We will also leverage our occupational health function to further promote the physical and mental health of our employees and support those who are affected by injury or challenges with their physical or mental health.

We will reinforce a culture of accountability for safety and health. Our employees must always prioritize their safety and health, and that of their colleagues. We require employees to pause when unsure and ask questions or discuss their concerns with others. It is our individual and collective responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy workplace and to ensure everyone returns home safely at the end of the day. The safety and health of employees is incredibly important to us, which is why it must always remain top of mind.


  1. Improve proactive identification and mitigation of safety risks, monitoring and trending. We will continue our review of existing work methods and practices, ensuring the correct tools and technologies are in place. This will enhance timeliness and accuracy of our reporting and analysis. We will use our data and trends to inform annual injury prevention plans.

  2. Foster a strengthened safety leadership culture, where all employees have responsibility for the safety and health of themselves and their colleagues. We will promote improved safety reporting of workplace hazards, continue to embed fundamental safety principles into our core work processes and practices, and complete a safety culture survey to inform future areas of priority.

  3. Cultivate a psychologically safe workplace. We will continue to advance and seek employee feedback on our five-year mental health strategy, and ensure we have appropriate resources and support programs in place for employees.

  4. Support employees affected by injury or illness. We will work with employees affected by injury or illness to determine the appropriate supports necessary to facilitate their recovery and safe return to meaningful work.