Enabling Sustainable Growth

Goal 10: Optimize the Value of Provincial Energy Resources

We will maximize the value from energy sales and other opportunities.

The demand for renewable energy is rising across the globe and right here at home. We have received numerous inquiries expressing substantial interest in the province’s renewable resource potential – from industry participants wishing to get involved in the development of renewable resources, to organizations and neighbouring jurisdictions wishing to power their operations with sustainable, renewable energy.

Following the commissioning of the remaining Muskrat Falls Project assets, we will continue to be constrained by our ability to immediately add large new customer load to our system, an issue that faces many utilities across Canada. Therefore, we must carefully balance serving our existing and new domestic customers, as well as the impact of supplying interested neighbouring jurisdictions with renewable energy. This will include participating in regional carbon reduction initiatives, such as the Atlantic Loop. We plan to optimize our provincial energy resources, resulting in the maximum long-term benefit for the people of our province for generations to come.


  1. Extract maximum value from our energy portfolio. Our priority is to ensure the people of our province have access to safe, reliable and cost-conscious electricity. We have a responsibility to steward our provincial energy assets, including oil and gas assets, in a manner that results in the maximum possible benefits for the people of our province. When excess energy becomes available, we have revenue generating opportunities before us to harness. This can range from selling additional energy to industrial customers or exporting our electricity to our neighbouring markets. We plan to optimize our generation and transmission maintenance activities to harness opportunities and obtain the best value from our assets.

  2. Support growth from industrial customers. In recent years we have seen unprecedented interest from industrial customers who are seeking to power their businesses with renewable energy. These customers are interested in establishing or growing businesses in our communities which will contribute to provincial economic prosperity. We are committed to working with existing and potential industrial customers to better understand their needs and facilitate their integration into our provincial electrical grid in a manner that is cost-conscious and consistent with our environmental and legislative responsibilities.