Enabling Sustainable Growth

Goal 11: Integrate Renewable Energy Resources in Local Communities

We will safely and responsibly integrate renewable energy resources in isolated diesel communities.

We power our families, friends and neighbours in more than 200 communities throughout the province. For a number of rural and remote communities throughout Newfoundland and Labrador, diesel fuel is the most reliable option, and is the sole source of electricity. However, as we seek to decrease our reliance on fossil fuel globally, we are committed to innovatively supporting the integration of reliable, renewable energy sources in isolated communities throughout our province.

We have applied for approval to construct the first phase of a project which would interconnect several communities in southern Labrador to a regional facility. In addition to providing least-cost, long-term reliable power for customers in the region, this project will increase potential for the integration of renewable energy solutions, all while working to reduce and displace significant amounts of diesel fuel. Such a plant would be the backup facility to the area should the area be interconnected to the main grid in the long term and, as technology evolves, could likely be powered by alternate low or non-emitting fuel sources. We are also working with the community of Nain to deliver a preliminary system impact study to support the planning and feasibility of a wind generation and battery system. Plus, we are working towards increased capacity and battery storage at the Ramea Wind Farm.

We have made considerable advancements promoting and integrating renewable energy in our isolated systems. For example, in collaboration with the Nunatsiavut Government, solar generation installations were completed in all Nunatsiavut communities. However, we recognize that there is still more work to do. In consultation with the provincial Government and our Indigenous partners, we will work together to advance the commitments outlined in the Renewable Energy Plan to transition isolated communities away from fossil fuels. We will share our utility experience and expertise with our partners, and ensure environmental protection and sustainable development are at the heart of our analysis as we work towards the long-term goal of using renewable energy to supply isolated communities.


  1. Support Indigenous governments, Indigenous organizations, and local communities with the development and integration of renewable energy into isolated diesel systems. In partnership with Indigenous governments and interested organizations, we will advance initiatives to increase the development and integration of renewable resources in communities that rely on isolated diesel systems and support the integration of independent power producers in isolated diesel systems.

  2. Ensure environmental protection in the development and operation of renewable energy resources, and develop mitigation measures and monitoring programs to address environmental impacts. We will provide environmental oversight, regulatory compliance, and fulfill environmental commitments and monitoring related to renewable energy projects.