Working Together

Goal 6: Foster Proud and Engaged Teams

Our organization and our energy landscape are evolving. As we continue to unify our teams, we will nurture a collaborative, engaged workforce of proud employees working together to meet the energy needs and opportunities within our province.

We want our employees to feel proud to work for Hydro and the essential service we deliver to the people of our province. Our employees’ efforts contribute to our province’s success. We want them to feel supported and empowered to do their best work. It’s an exciting time to work in the utility industry as other stakeholders show an unprecedented level of interest in our provincial renewable energy resources. Our employees have the unique opportunity to participate in this global energy transition – opportunities which exist across many aspects of our operations.

We want our employees to feel proud to work for an organization that is a responsible corporate citizen. We contribute to our local communities in meaningful ways and support and encourage employees to be active members of their communities as well.

Our business is complex. It requires a diverse set of skilled, talented, office- and field-based employees who work together as one to achieve common goals. In 2021, we were honoured to receive the Women in Resource Development Corporation’s Diversity in Industry Award which recognizes leadership in the adoption and implementation of emerging practices for diversity, gender equity and inclusion. We are proud of the progress we have made thus far and are committed to building on these efforts over the next three years.

We know that respect and collaboration are key to our success. We are dedicated to creating an environment that encourages employees to celebrate our individual differences, leverage our strengths, and grow and learn from each other.


  1. Build on a culture of inclusion to encourage belonging and provide opportunities for employees to reach their full potential. We will educate employees on the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and provide appropriate tools, resources, and targets to promote inclusive work environments.

  2. Revitalize our corporate culture to unify our teams and further bring our organization together. We will connect all employees to our unified vision and values.

  3. Build trusted partnerships with our IBEW leaders, resulting in mutual benefits for the organization and our employees. We will engage in proactive, meaningful, regular communication with IBEW representatives, and foster a culture that recognizes and respects the role of the union within our organization.

  4. Improve engagement and the frequency and quality of our communication with employees. We will implement an internal communication and engagement strategy to ensure employees are informed, consulted and heard.

  5. Strengthen employees’ connections to, and involvement in, Hydro’s social responsibility. Through workplace giving programs and employer-supported volunteering, we will encourage employees’ contributions to the communities where they live and work. We will also revitalize our corporate Community Investment Strategy, which provides support for numerous organizations that support our communities and embeds social responsibility into our corporate governance framework.