Two female Hydro office employees are sitting at a desk, both looking down at some paperwork while engaged in conversation.

Working Together

Goal 7: Anticipate and Develop our Workforce Requirements

We will optimize our workforce with consideration to the changing labour market and our changing energy landscape.

Our organization is evolving to better serve the people of the province with an effective and streamlined organizational structure. In 2021, this effort began by moving Nalcor Energy operations under Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro. This decision resulted in reporting structure changes, new leadership and focus, and a material reduction in our executive team. Our next priority will be to maintain and grow appropriate skills and resources to meet the future energy needs of the province. In an ever-changing labour market, striking this balance will require a thoughtful, measured approach to workforce planning, including recruitment and retention, growing and developing our future leaders, and succession planning.


  1. Develop a plan to ensure we have the workforce we need to serve the people of the province into the future. This multi-year plan will identify the skills and expertise we will require to operate as a Crown utility and support the growth of the renewable energy industry. This plan will align with our vision to provide safe, reliable and cost-conscious service.

  2. Enhance our employees’ skills and tools to further support their ability to work safely, efficiently, and effectively for the current and future needs of the organization. The growth and development of our employees is important to us, so we can continue to provide safe and reliable electricity for decades to come. Our employees need to be equipped with the right training and technology to carry out their duties each day they are on the job.

  3. Empower our supervisors to effectively support and motivate their teams. Our supervisors are the primary interface for our employees, and we understand the importance of ensuring they have the appropriate tools and training to effectively lead their teams. We will improve orientation and training for new supervisors to provide the skills and resources required to do their jobs effectively. We will review the roles of supervisors to ensure their responsibilities are clear and reasonable, and we will provide appropriate guidance to help them grow and support their teams.