Unified by our core values, we are a proud, diverse energy company whose people are committed to building a bright future for Newfoundland and Labrador.

Open Communication – Fostering an environment where information moves freely in a timely manner.

Accountability – Holding ourselves responsible for our actions and performance.

Safety – Upholding our relentless commitment to protecting ourselves, our colleagues, and our community.

Honesty and Trust – Being sincere in everything we say and do.

Teamwork – Sharing our ideas in an open and supportive way as we work towards excellence.

Respect and Dignity – Appreciating the individuality of others in our words and actions.

Leadership – Empowering ourselves and our colleagues to help guide and inspire others.

In keeping with our separation from parent company Nalcor Energy’s unregulated business in 2016, we have since developed our own 2017-2019 Strategic Plan that takes into account the strategic directions of the Provincial Government as they relate to our role in the energy sector.

The goals and objectives presented in this document support the achievement of the strategic directions relevant to our mandate, namely the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity to utility, residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Newfoundland and Labrador.

These people are our friends, family, and neighbours. They’re the reason we strive to be open, accountable, and transparent across all operations. Because we believe that building trust begins by making information and data accessible to the people of this province and taking responsibility for the decisions and actions we make as a company.

For more information on our commitment to transparency and accountability, please consult our 2017 Annual Performance Report.