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Hydro is the people’s Crown Corporation and we act on behalf of the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. We understand the importance of accountability and transparency to the people of this province and are committed to being open, transparent and accountable across all our operations. We fully support the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (ATIPPA) in its role to ensure the accountability of public bodies.

As part of our continued commitment to transparency and accountability, we provide the people of Newfoundland and Labrador with access to information about completed requests made under the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

For more information or to inquire about our ATTIPA processes, please contact Cassandra Hearn, Access & Privacy Officer,

ATIPPA Responses

The online posting is a summary of the information requested and responded to since January 1, 2015 by Hydro. The postings apply to access requests received for general information but any personal information requested by individuals is not included. In keeping with our standard practice, it is our intention to publish responses within a 72-hour period of when the response is sent electronically to the applicant, or five days, in cases where the records are mailed to the applicant.

The posting of completed access requests includes:

  • the file number and summary of each request;
  • the line of business responsible;
  • a copy of the final response letter to the applicant with all personal information removed; and
  • a copy of the responsive records. Any personal information is removed as this is protected under section 40 of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act.


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PB-180-2024Please send all ATIPP re Peaking Units and BDE TL Line in the last two years including press releases. 01/26/2024Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-123-2024Please provide all information regarding the proposed new transmission line from Bay d'Espoir to Sunnyside. Please include cost estimates and cost breakdowns, environmental assessments, project timeline, correspondence between government agencies and unions regarding this proposed transmission line.01/18/2024Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-106-2024All documentation included in the tender submission which was submitted online, and includes the schedule of prices for all tenders received for project #95659VC - L'Anse-au-Diable Shoreline Pond Electrode Breakwater Rehabilitation.01/15/2024Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-1118-2023Please provide copies of any and all reports completed by Hatch consultants in regards to Beothuk Lake including anything completed after the public meeting in the summer of 2019.11/1/2023Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-1208-2023Please provide records and supporting documentation related to expense claims for travel by CEO Jennifer Williams between January 1 and October 31, 2023.11/1/2023Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-1105-2023Please provide an undated response to request PB-441-2017 that includes construction costs for the Lower Churchill Project incurred up to the end of June 2022.10/12/2023Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-995-2023 Part 1Please provide a copy of the record described as "Fig; Dominion; Minipi; and Kenamu, as described in "Southern Labrador Power Study, " SNC Inc. 1977 (reference plate 6, extent of mapping)", as well as a copy of the record referenced as "Southern Labrador Power Study, " SNC Inc. 1977 as referenced in Paragraph 1(a)(viii) of the New Dawn Agreement between HMK, Nalcor Energy and the Innu Nation (dated 26 September 2008).09/11/2023Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-995-2023 Part 2Please provide a copy of the record described as "Fig; Dominion; Minipi; and Kenamu, as described in "Southern Labrador Power Study, " SNC Inc. 1977 (reference plate 6, extent of mapping)", as well as a copy of the record referenced as "Southern Labrador Power Study, " SNC Inc. 1977 as referenced in Paragraph 1(a)(viii) of the New Dawn Agreement between HMK, Nalcor Energy and the Innu Nation (dated 26 September 2008).09/11/2023Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-995-2023 Part 3Please provide a copy of the record described as "Fig; Dominion; Minipi; and Kenamu, as described in "Southern Labrador Power Study, " SNC Inc. 1977 (reference plate 6, extent of mapping)", as well as a copy of the record referenced as "Southern Labrador Power Study, " SNC Inc. 1977 as referenced in Paragraph 1(a)(viii) of the New Dawn Agreement between HMK, Nalcor Energy and the Innu Nation (dated 26 September 2008).09/11/2023Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-956-2023Please provide copies of the following exhibits, which are referenced in footnotes 11,12 and 13 of the Quebec Superior Court decision in Churchill Falls (Labrador) Corporation Ltd v. Hydro-Quebec, 2014 QCCS 3590 (CanLII):
- Exhibits D-331/3, 6 to 8 and D-260/4.
- Exhibits D-182/2, D-260/4, D-021.01, D-181/6 and D-275/7.
- Exhibits D-023/1, D-023.01/1 and D-240.02.05/30.
08/29/2023Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-943-2023Please provide the following data on the Smallwood Reservoir in Churchill Falls:
- Recorded water levels from the last 20 years.
- Recoded water temperature and dissolved oxygen.
- Bathymetric maps of the Smallwood Reservoir.
- Any total mercury fish tissue concentration data.
08/25/2023Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-898-2023Please provide the following:
- The names of all parties that conducted oversight of the manufacturer of the Muskrat Falls generating units.
- All reports completed by these parties related to the generating units and their construction and/or installation.
- Any reports related to the storage of the Muskrat Falls generating units and their components before installation
08/14/2023Lower Churchill Project
PB-650-2023Please provide videos and transcripts of all Nalcor Annual General Meetings, beginning in 2012. 06/19/2023Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-350-2023Please provide all documentation regarding the oil spill that occurred in Rencontre East in the late 1980s, when the hose from the Woodward's Oil, oil tanker (Either Jenny W., or Cybil W.) ruptured and spilled diesel fuel in the area of the former diesel generating plant, and south toward Fortune Bay. Please include all correspondence with the local municipal Town Council and approval for dumping it at the local dump site.05/4/2023Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-348-2023Please provide the following:
1. A copy of any Water Management Agreement(s) entered into with NL Hydro in relation to the Muskrat Falls Hydro facility subsequent to the 2018 Decision of the Quebec Court of Appeal.
2. The amount of consideration invoiced by CF(L)co to NL Hydro in relation to banked Muskrat Falls energy stored in the Upper Churchill Reservoirs.
3. The amount of consideration invoiced to CF(L)co by Hydro-Quebec or paid directly or indirectly to Hydro-Quebec since the commencement date of hydro power production at Muskrat Falls by CF(L)co in relation to either the banking of energy or an executed Water Management Agreement with Hydro-Quebec.
4. The Average Energy Base (AEB), as defined by the 1969 Churchill Falls Contract, employed for the purpose of the Renewal Term of the Contract and confirmation that this AEB shall apply during the balance of the Renewal Term.
05/3/2023Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-438-2023Please provide: the organization’s current employment equity plan; the number of self-identified persons with disabilities employed and percentage of total workforce; the number of self-identified persons with mobility impairments employed and percentage of total workforce, and current employment equity targets for the organization.04/28/2023Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-327-2023Please provide updated information on the transfer of Hibernia NPI and INPI interests, the GOC loans and their impact in reducing the equity requirement from Newfoundland and Labrador Government, Hydro and Emera Energy.04/25/2023Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-389-2023Please send me a copy of the "Basis of Design" as defined in the Master Definitions Agreement dated 29 November 2013 (CIMFP Exhibit P-02352), and please include the basis of design described in Schedule "AA" to the extent it relates to the LIL. Please send me a copy of the "LIL Project Description" as defined in the Master Definitions Agreement dated 29 November 2013 (CIMFP Exhibit P-02352). Please send me a copy of the LIL Lease.04/14/2023Lower Churchill Project
PB-124-2023Further to request PB-1196-2022, please provide records within the Nov. 26-30 range that refer to an email from NF Power. It would appear a response was being drafted and was likely sent by the 30th. 02/8/2023Lower Churchill Project
PB-126-2023Please provide all communications I.e. emails, from Brendan Paddick or other employees during Brendan Paddick's employment at Nalcor Energy to John Risley, or other contacts discussing wind energy.01/31/2023Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-125-2023Please provide documentation on the impact to the province's electricity system and ratepayers due to the federal government's decision to require 100% of all passenger cars and trucks sold by 2035 to be zero emission. Please be sure to include any estimates or analysis on changes necessary to power generation needs, transmission requirements, local distribution infrastructure, household upgrades and the cost to consumers. Please also provide copies of any materials provided to the federal government related to this topic and their announcement. The time frame for this request is March 1, 2021, to present.01/27/2023Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-20-2023Please provide records relating to projects "Winston" and "Lucy" for 2022.01/5/2023Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-1196-2022Please provide emails, reports and briefings received by Hydro's executive team for LIL testing from November 23-30. 2022.12/12/2022Lower Churchill Project
PB-1174-2022Please provide a list of current cryptocurrency/data hosting customers in Labrador, how much electricity they are receiving and how much they are looking for above what is available. Please also provide a list of requests from new cryptocurrency/data hosting customers and how many have cut their service over the past year.12/5/2022Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-1149-2022Please explain how the Labrador-Island Link can operate like two power lines.11/29/2022Lower Churchill Project
PB-1150-2022What is the line capacity for the Labrador-Island Link?11/29/2022Lower Churchill Project
PB-1158-2022Please provide information on the enclosed two examples of perceived conflict of interest regarding an embedded contractor.11/29/2022Lower Churchill Project
PB-1089-2022Please provide a copy of the contract signed between Hydro and Ritche Bros. for the auction help on October 3, 2022.11/14/2022Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-1096-2022Please provide amounts paid to McInnes Cooper by OilCo from January 1, 2020 to present and any amounts paid to BDO for the same dates. Please also provide amounts paid to McInnes Cooper related to the transition of Nalcor Oil and Gas into OilCo including any costs associated with management services, asset purchase and sale agreement, review of material contracts, IT agreements, transition of employees, etc.11/14/2022Oil and Gas
Please provide a copy of the Agreement between Hydro and Iron Ore of Canada dated September 1, 1976. 10/31/2022Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-1006-2022Please provide a list of all audits done by Nalcor's Internal Audit Division from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2018.10/24/2022Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-997-2022Please provide documents regarding "safeguarding the electrical grid from EMP, natural or man-made" from 2000 to present.10/21/2022Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-998-2022Please provide the voltages and amperages carried on high voltage lines used in Newfoundland and Labrador. 10/21/2022Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-999-2022Please provide the cost per kWh of all sources of power for Newfoundland and Labrador - including each generating facility and the total cost per kWh of providing service.10/21/2022Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-1000-2022Please provide cost of windmills in Newfoundland and Labrador. Please include the price to build each and up to date total maintenance/repair costs for the windmills as well.10/21/2022Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-881-2022Please provide information regarding how "Ritchie Bros" was selected to auction equipment used at the Muskrat Falls work site.09/21/2022Lower Churchill Project
PB-861-2022Please provide a list of team members who represented Nalcor Energy/the Lower Churchill Project between 2012 and 2013 in negotiations with the FFAW-Unifor over a compensation package for scallop fishermen impacted by construction of the hydro line across the Strait of Belle Isle.09/14/2022Lower Churchill Project
PB-807-2022Please provide any data or records, including emails, referring to "Project Winston" from January 1, 2021 to August 25, 202208/26/2022Churchill Falls
PB-742-2022Please provide any studies or analysis completed by Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro regarding wind energy on the West Coast of the island - including studies or analysis completed between July 1, 2020 and July 30, 202208/19/2022Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-783-2022Please provide a copy of all "Usage Reports" for Webex accounts used by executive staff or higher and the board of directors for 2022.08/19/2022Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-695-2022Please provide Human Health Assessments and/or Methylmercury Risk Assessments conducted for the Muskrat Falls Project.07/19/2022Lower Churchill Project
PB-693-2022Please provide a copy of the 1976 Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro/CFLCo Power Contract between Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro and CFLCo and any amendments.07/18/2022Churchill Falls
PB-681-2022Please provide a copy of the power purchase agreement between NL Hydro and CF{L}Co dated March 9, 1998 and a copy of the power purchase agreement between NL Hydro and CF{L}Co as amended on April 1, 2009.07/13/2022Churchill Falls
PB-678-2022Please provide records from 1974 to the present that indicate the amounts of money paid annually by Churchill Falls (Labrador) Corporation Limited as dividends to Hydro Quebec.07/13/2022Churchill Falls
PB-680-2022Please provide copies of the annual financial statements of Churchill Falls (Labrador) Corporation Limited from 1974 to the present.
07/13/2022Churchill Falls
PB-670-2022For each month from September 2016 to June 2022 please provide the number of equivalent kilowatt hours to any water spilled by Churchill Falls (Labrador) Corporation Limited.07/11/2022Churchill Falls
PB-657-2022Please provide any and all records, including emails and timestamps, related to conflict of interest for Brendan Paddick from August 2020 to present.07/4/2022Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-658-2022Please provide any and all records, including emails and timestamps, related to the resignation of Brendan Paddick on March 24, 2022 - for the time period January 1, 2022 to present.07/4/2022Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-587-2022Please provide all information related to complaints from the public regarding the water level at Beothuk Lake from January 1, 2017 to present day and any emails from employees that mention Beothuk sites along Beothuk Lake from the same time period.06/11/2022Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-582-2022Please provide the following information regarding NL Hydro's consideration of a new generating unit in Bay D’Espoir:
1. the latest report, 2. the cost and 3. the megawatts generated
06/6/2022Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-539-2022Please provide information on costs related to the splitting of Nalcor and Hydro in 2016, including, but not limited to, payroll, branding and public engagement.05/31/2022Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-540-2022Please provide information on costs related to the merger of Nalcor and Hydro in 2021, including, but not limited to, payroll, branding and public engagement.05/31/2022Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-527-2022Please provide all documentation regarding the submissions for Tender 89258 VC - Labrador-Island Link {LIL} Line Camps including all unit prices and Na/cars
evaluations of submitted tenders.
05/27/2022Lower Churchill Project
PB-522-2022Please provide documentation regarding Tender number 88124 JB - Churchill Falls Airport - Taxiway and Apron Rehabilitation - Churchill Falls, NL including the Unit Prices for all submitted bids. 05/26/2022Churchill Falls
PB-401-2022Please provide names of all Hydro employees who receive a vehicle allowance, access to a company vehicle or a vehicle that is considered a taxable benefit.04/26/2022Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-344-2022Please provide reports or other documents that break down the cost of providing power to customers on the Labrador Isolated systems, the consumer rate assigned to cover those costs, and the Life-Line Block subsidy provided to offset that rate. This information needs to be broken down as much as possible to reflect the costs/subsidies associated with different communities/systems. (i.e. data for Hopedale is distinguishable from Nain or Makkovik)04/5/2022Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-431-2022From the footnotes linked with the response to PB-143-2022 please explain what LRA and DSRA mean and their relative magnitudes. Please also advise whether the return of equity is included under revenue requirements under ROE or depreciation.04/4/2022Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-308-2022Please provide a complete list of law offices/firms/practitioners (and the laywers names) retained by Hydro, Nalcor Energy Marketing Corp and CF(L)Co Corp, between August 1, 2021 to present.03/22/2022Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-300-2022Please provide correspondence between the period of April 1, 2019 and April 1, 2020 sent from NALCOR/Hydro to GNL related to a backup plan (other than GE) for LIL. 03/21/2022Lower Churchill Project
PB-258-2022Please provide the total number of employees within the organization by site or work location, including the total number of employees on administrative leave as a result of the Covid-19 mandatory vaccine policy.03/16/2022Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-259-2022Please provide the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases within the workplace, broken down by work site or locations from March 2020 to December 17, 2021 by quarter. Please also provide the total from December 18, 2021 to present.03/16/2022Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-260-2022For the period between August 1, 2021 to the current date, please provide all documentation pertaining to the implementation of any mandatory vaccination policy within the company.03/16/2022Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-165-2022Please provide how many megawatts of power will be used at Come by Chance at 1/14,000 barrels to 2/35,000 barrels.02/16/2022Hydro
PB-143-2022Please provide information about the Maritime Link including the value of sustaining capital for each year of supply and other financial information as requested.02/10/2022NL Hydro
PB-80-2022In regards to the sale of the Come By Chance refinery and it becoming a biofuel operation by mid-2022, how many megawatts of power will it use?01/25/2022Nalcor Energy
PB-40-2022Please provide information on revenue requirements for the Lower Churchill Project. Also, under what circumstances does Hydro become obligated to purchase power from other markets to meet commitments to Emera? Will such power purchases to supply Emera become additional unforeseen additions to LIL O&M expenses recoverable from ratepayers?01/12/2022Lower Churchill Project
PB-1301-2021Please provide a break down for Nalcor's net income listed in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador Fall 2021 Fiscal Update.12/21/2021Nalcor Energy
PB-1293-2021Please provide the "type of business" information for all 2020, 2021 electrical permit applications included in response to my FOI request PB/1194/2021. Also, from January 1, 2020 to present, please provide comprehensive records, including a chart/list on electrical permit applications made for electrical permits in Labrador.
With respect to 13 (13-1) Lakeshore Drive, Wabush, please provide indication if the applicants agreed to pay for any of the costs required to bring power to this location, including the costs of any applicable studies, and if so, the costs paid to date or promised for payment.
12/18/2021NL Hydro
PB-1270-2021Please provide reports and information regarding the tender/bid/project 86654 VC - Drone Inspection Services for Labrador Transmission Lines awarded to SEM LTD. Please provide the finalized report on the project and if it was completed on time and on or under budget. Also, was the desired data acquired to the crown corporations of satisfaction and specifically outlined in the original tender?12/10/2021Nalcor Energy
PB-1271-2021Please provide all records related to Hydro's consideration of all options for long-term supply to southern Labrador.12/10/2021NL Hydro
PB-1269-2021Hydro states Emera’s investment at $409.3 billion. PB-909-2021, Table 4, shows Emera’s investment at $902 million, while Table 3 shows AFUDC at $258 million. Please explain the difference of $235 million. Please also provide a breakdown of the $378.1 million dividend revenue paid to Nalcor by Hydro, from non-regulated operations of Hydro. And please supply the WACC for the project itself, as well as for each of the three components: Muskrat Falls, LIL and LTA.12/9/2021Nalcor Energy
PB-1257-2021 ; PB-1258-2021 ; PB-1260-2021Please provide the actual quantity of debris removed from the Churchill River in 2018, 2019, and 2020. Please also provide the basis for the quantity of debris as tendered in debris contract 85518 as awarded by year and the basis for the quantity of debris as tendered in debris contract 84957 that was subsequently withdrawn.12/8/2021Nalcor Energy
PB-1236-2021In regards to the sale of Come By Chance refinery how many megawatts of power will it use and ow long is the power contract? Please provide details on the power rate.12/1/2021Nalcor Energy
PB-1194-2021Please provide correspondence concerning an electrical permit request as well as the application itself, and the approval or conditional approval of the application/permit for an industrial property (with several acres) in Wabush at 13 (13-1) Lakeshore Drive (near a hydro substation).11/17/2021Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-1169-2021Please provide any and all tender documents submitted by all proponents for Tender #88412 JW - snow clearing at various locations on the Avalon.11/12/2021Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-1170-2021Please provide all data and records that serve as evidence that building a diesel generating station in Port Hope Simpson is the least-cost option for providing power to Port Hope Simpson, Mary’s Harbour, St. Lewis and Charlottetown. Date range: Oct. 6, 2019 to July 16, 2021.11/12/2021Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-1116-2021This package includes information related to costs, funding and other financial information requests for Nalcor Energy, including Muskrat Falls equity funding and revenue requirements.10/25/2021Nalcor Energy
PB-1103-2021Please provide all records related to lobby efforts or other meetings with representatives of Marathon Gold Corp. between May 4, 2021 and Oct. 19, 2021.10/20/2021Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-1055-2021Emera’s investment in the LIL shows up as a liability on the financial statements of Nalcor. Has Nalcor and or GNL guaranteed payment to Emera of the 8.5 per cent return and is repayment of equity also guaranteed?10/8/2021Nalcor Energy
PB-954-2021Please provide all records from 1974 to present concerning the amounts of money paid annually by CFLCo as dividends to Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro.09/10/2021NL Hydro
PB-909-2021Please provide an update on Tables 2, 3 and 4 of Nalcor’s PB-519-2019, to go along with the updated Table 1 in PB-797-2021.08/30/2021Nalcor Energy
PB-879-2021The federal government pegged a portion of a deal (worth $3.2 billion) between now and the end of Hibernia's lifespan. Please provide information on this $3.2 billion and how it will be handled.08/20/2021Nalcor Energy
PB-873-2021What is the replacement value that has been declared to the insurers with respect to the policy limit on earthquake insurance on the Grand Banks oil properties?08/16/2021Nalcor Energy
PB-825-2021Please provide any Privacy Impact Assessments for systems that contain customer data from January 2017 to present day (August 5, 2021).08/5/2021NL Hydro
PB-826-2021Please provide a list of companies with whom personal information, either identifying or de-identified, was shared, transferred, rented, sold to or otherwise monetized from January 2017 to present day (August 5, 2021).08/5/2021NL Hydro
PB-827-2021Please provide a list of contracts for data services, information processing services and/or bulk data products purchased/acquired by your organization from January 2017 to present day (August 5, 2021).08/5/2021NL Hydro
PB-828-2021Please provide a list of any cyber incidents or data breaches involving personal information, with accompanying reports, that your corporation experienced from January 2018 to present day (August 5, 2021).08/5/2021NL Hydro
PB-797-2021Please provide the official project cost used in the estimates provided in PB-519-2019 including the capital cost estimate at the time and the overall cost estimate, include financing costs, at that time.

Please also provide an update of the revenue requirements, following the format used in Table 1 of your reply to PB-519-2019 and please advise as to the capital cost estimate underlying the revenue requirements provided in PB-333-2021.
07/27/2021Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-770-2021This Response provides answers to multiple questions about information holdings within our organization.07/20/2021Nalcor Energy
PB-769-2021Please provide information on the process used for securing hotel accommodations in Goose Bay for Muskrat Falls workers and contractors with the camp closing down. Was the opportunity tendered and was the least cost option used? Please provide information on the duration of the contract, for how many rooms and who was awarded the work?07/19/2021Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-746-2021What are the policy limits for earthquake coverage on the offshore program (regarding Grand Banks oil properties)?07/15/2021Nalcor Energy
PB-687-2021Does Nalcor have earthquake insurance on its Grand Banks oil properties?06/28/2021Nalcor Energy
PB-628-2021Please provide all completed tender submissions received from all tenderers for Tender # 86646 VC - Access Road Maintenance for the Labrador Island Link (LIL) – Port Blandford to Soldier's Pond. Please include Submission Detail Confirmation, Complete Schedule A - Tender Submission and Complete Schedule of Prices tables for all applicable years.06/14/2021Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-626-2021Please provide the detailed bid results (with ratings for each criteria of all bidders) for Nalcor Opportunity No: 86650 JB - RFP - Review of Settlement near Grand Falls West Embankment Dam (GF-4) - Grand Falls, NL.06/14/2021Nalcor Energy
PB-578-2021Please provide the tender submission for the successful/low bidder and the second lowest bidder for the tendered project: Bid Number 86644VC Access Road Maintenance for the Labrador Island Link (LIL) – Shoal Cove to Birchy Lake closed May 11, 2021.06/4/2021Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-579-2021Please provide the tender submission for the successful/low bidder and the second lowest bidder for the tendered project: Bid Number 86645VC Access Road Maintenance for the Labrador Island Link (LIL) – Birchy Lake to Port Blandford closed May 11, 2021.06/4/2021Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-577-2021Please provide the tender submission for the successful/low bidder and the second lowest bidder for the following tendered project: Bid Number 86643VC Access Road Maintenance for the Labrador Island Link (LIL) – Muskrat Falls to Forteau closed May 22, 2021.06/3/2021Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-517-2021Why did Nalcor underwrite the legal counsel costs for former CEO Edmund Martin for the Muskrat Falls Inquiry?05/19/2021Nalcor Energy
PB-490-2021Please provide information on how much electrical power Nalcor/NL Hydro purchased from Deer Lake Power during 2018, 2019, 2020, and up to April 2021, including the amount of electricity and how much was paid, broken out on a monthly basis, for the years in question.05/12/2021NL Hydro
PB-431-2021Please provide the aggregate amount of yearly payments made to the following funds as outlined in the Muskrat Falls collective agreement: the IBEW 2330 Trade Improvement Fund; the IBEW 2330 Membership Development Fund; the IBEW 2330 Advancement Fund; and the IBEW 2330 College Admin Fund.
Please include the total hours worked by IBEW 2330 members, broken down by calendar year, related to work performed under the collective agreement for the Muskrat Falls project.
04/29/2021Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-368-2021Please provide all completed tender submissions received from all tenderer's for Tender # 86376 JB - Vegetation Management - Cutting and Tree Trimming - Various Locations, NL including Submission Detail Confirmation, Complete Schedule A - Tender Submission and Complete Schedule of Prices tables for all applicable years.04/20/2021Nalcor Energy
PB-333-2021Please provide the energy sales projections on which the September 28, 2021 cost and schedule update was based? Please also confirm the Muskrat Falls energy production, net of line losses to Soldier’s Pond, on which the new 17.68 cents/KWh unit energy cost projections are based and the associated annual revenue requirements for the full supply period.04/12/2021Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-280-2021Please provide the Team Products and Services Inc. Bid Document and Bid Evaluation completed by the company on each submission for Debris Management Services on the Churchill River 85518 VC.03/25/2021Nalcor Energy - Churchill Falls
PB-275-2021Please provide information on the original contract value and the current contract value for work with GE Grid Solutions for the Labrador-Island Transmission Link and the movement of power from Muskrat Falls to Soldiers Pond.03/16/2021Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-255-2021Regarding PB-880-2019 and relating to the “Understanding Muskrat” presentation, does the 22.89 cents/KWh include the rural deficit? Please provide an update for the table on page 28 based on the latest capital cost estimates.03/12/2021Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-177-2021Please provide all bidder evaluation results and awarded value of the resulting contract: Evaluation results of NL Hydro Request for Proposal #2020-83171 - Microgrid Controller Strategy.02/22/2021NL Hydro
PB-156-2021Please provide information on the financial obligations of Government of Newfoundland and Labrador arising from Muskrat Falls.02/12/2021Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-17-2021Please provide the following information for the Hydro Innovation & Productivity Team:
1. The cost per year for the last 3 years and a detailed breakdown of the costs with totals
2. The last 5 reports prepared
3. The current members of the team
01/11/2021NL Hydro
PB-824-2020 – PART IPlease provide all documents on an agreement by NL Hydro/NL Power to build a transmission line from their Hydro facility into the Valentine GOld Project site in Central NL.11/27/2020NL Hydro
PB-824-2020 – PART IIPlease provide all documents on an agreement by NL Hydro/NL Power to build a transmission line from their Hydro facility into the Valentine GOld Project site in Central NL.11/27/2020NL Hydro
PB-600-2020What is the firm capacity of the 824 MW power plant at Muskrat Falls if there is no Water Management Agreement (WMA) and what is the capacity with the WMA in place? Please explain in detail how this is possible to operate as designated (despite the Hydro Quebec court case loss. What will Hydro Quebec charge for Muskrat Falls help and what is the current status of the SM expected Hydro Quebec co-operation agreement? Also, what is the current status of lawsuits by Hydro Quebec regarding WMA and Nalcor Churchill Falls power?09/14/2020Nalcor Energy
PB-566-2020Please provide details on the Churchill Falls and Hydro Quebec power contract renewal in 2041 and if the CF(L)Co shareholders agreement requires unanimous shareholder approval for shareholder votes.08/31/2020Nalcor Energy - Churchill Falls
PB-567-2020Please provide the total legal fees paid by Nalcor Energy at the Muskrat Falls Inquiry for Ed Martin. Please also provide the name of the lawyer and the legal firm name.08/31/2020Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-564-2020For the last three fiscal years please provide information regarding payments to outside lawyers (including the names of the lawyers, description of legal services they provided and totals for the Nalcor group) and payments to outside accountants or auditors (including names the accountants or auditors, description of services they provided and totals for the Nalcor group).08/28/2020Nalcor Energy
PB-558&509-2020Please provide a detailed listing (by payee and amount) of all Nalcor's legal and other professional costs for the Muskrat Falls Inquiry. Please include the number of lawyers employed by Nalcor and the total cost per year for the last three fiscal years of the legal department, with a breakdown by expense category.08/27/2020Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-563-2020Please provide all emails regarding 5 Toronto Avenue, 21 Ottawa Avenue and 26 Ottawa Avenue in Happy Valley - Goose Bay between April 28, 2019 to August 24, 2020. Please also provide a copy or all relevant notes currently accessible relating to the properties noted above.08/27/2020Nalcor Energy
PB-520-2020Please provide any reports regarding the diesel station fire in Charlottetown, Labrador on October 7, 2019.08/12/2020NL Hydro
PB-286-2020Please provide all records regarding charitable donations Nalcor employees can make from their pay cheques to the Dollar A Day Foundation. Please also provide a list of the charities employees can donate to on their cheques and the number of employees that donate to each listed charity.07/20/2020Nalcor Energy
PB-451-2020Please provide bid evaluation results for the following tender: Bid Number: 80882 JW - Design, Supply and Install Upgrades for the Churchill Falls Intake Crane Controls System.07/3/2020Nalcor Energy - Churchill Falls
PB-414-2020What are the financial implications if Nalcor Energy refuses to start the Muskrat Falls generators?06/29/2020Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-413-2020Please provide any and all records concerning "A Dollar A Day" charitable organization including any correspondence involving the board chair, conflict of interest considerations, total amount collected by month for the charity via the Nalcor payroll system, etc.06/25/2020Nalcor Energy
PB-209-2020Please provide details on the non-regulated NLH operation of $496.8 million.03/28/2020NL Hydro
PB-134-2020Please provide the dividends from NL Hydro to Nalcor from 2014-2020 by year as well as the total dividends paid to Nalcor from 2003-2020. Please also provide the total NL Hydro dividends retained by Nalcor from 2003-2020.02/17/2020Nalcor Energy
PB-118-2020Was Nalcor a part of the team assembled to determine and negotiate the best possible financial structure to achieve rate mitigation? If Nalcor was a part of this group, please provide details on the Nalcor members. If Nalcor was not a part of the NL Government group, why not?02/12/2020Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-102-2020Please provide emails between board members of Naclor Energy (and its subsidiaries/affiliates) regarding Aberdeen International Associates/Gordon McIntosh/a consulting contract related to Advance 2030 implementation.02/7/2020Nalcor Energy
PB-34-2020If Nalcor sold power directly to New England, what is the current GHG emission credit per kilowatt/hour available for Muskrat Falls power?01/13/2020Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-951-2019Please provide the impact of using higher transmission losses, up to 10%, on the Muskrat Falls DG3 CPW.12/13/2019Nalcor Energy - Lower Chucrhill Project
PB-941-2019Please provide records related to expense claims submitted to Nalcor Energy and/or any of its subsidiaries and affiliates by Gordon McIntosh and/or Aberdeen International with respect to a consulting contract signed in early 2019. Please include claim forms and supporting receipts, documentation, telecommunication charges and travel.12/13/2019Nalcor Energy
PB-934-2019How much is currently owed by Nalcor as a proponent for incurred costs with regardless to the Bay du Nord project?12/10/2019Nalcor Energy
PB-933-2019Please provide all correspondence between the board of directors for Nalcor Energy and Natural Resources Minister, Siobhan Coady. This request is for records that reference Gordon McIntosh and/or Aberdeen International between July 1, 2018 through March 1, 2019 inclusive.12/10/2019Oil and Gas
PB-935-2019Please provide information on the current rate per kwh and projected rates for the NS GHG emission credits, the USA GHG emissions, the sale of Churchill Falls recapture power to the USA. Please provide the current rate per kwh and the amount received in the last fiscal year. Also, are there any provisions for Nalcor to recoup the difference in value between GHG emission credits for power consumed in NS versus the potential US GHG emission credits that could be obtained if that power were to be resold into US markets by NS?12/9/2019Nalcor Energy
PB-917-2019Please provide a copy of the lease agreement between the Government and DF Barnes for the Bull Arm Fabrication site.12/3/2019Bull Arm
PB-918-2019Please provide details of the lease agreement between Nalcor and DF Barnes regarding the work the company is currently doing at the Bull Arm fabrications site, including any special arrangements with trades unions.12/3/2019Bull Arm
PB-901-2019Please provide copies of all employment contracts between Nalcor and NL Hydro and former CFO, Derrick Sturge, any confidentiality (or other agreements) signed on termination and the calculation of his severance/termination payments and other benefits to which he may be entitled.11/27/2019Nalcor Energy
PB-890-2019Please provide all records from Nalcor to the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador relating to the decision to terminate Astaldi Canada Inc. from the Muskrat Falls Project. Please also include all records from Nalcor to the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador relating to funding for the Muskrat Falls Project in 2018.11/25/2019Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-888-2019Please provide information regarding section 14.4 of the Power Purchase Agreement and government and Hydro's financial obligations.11/25/2019Nalcor Energy
PB-889-2019Please provide all completed tender submissions received from all tenderers for Tender #80827 LD - Snow Clearing - Hydro Place - 2019-2020.11/22/2019Nalcor Energy
PB-887-2019Please provide a detailed listing of all trips taken by Mr. McIntosh/Aberdeen International Associates since contract signing? Please include dates, purpose of travel, locations visited and expense details per trip. Please include if the travel was economy class and if additional tracel expenses have also been paid by a Government department.11/21/2019Nalcor Energy - Oil and Gas
PB-880-2019Please provide an update on the revenue requirements for the Island Interconnected System and other relevant information, similar to the information contained in the February 15, 2018 "Understanding Muskrat" presentation.11/18/2019Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-864-2019Please provide a per month breakdown of all cell phone and communication expenses for consultant Gordon McIntosh.11/15/2019Nalcor Energy - Oil and Gas
PB-869-2019What percent loss was used for the Labrador Island Link at winter peak?11/13/2019Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-856-2019How much has been paid by Nalcor for the Bay du Nord oil project to date? If the project is not sanctioned does Nalcor get a refund of its payments?11/8/2019Nalcor Energy
PB-840-2019Please provide details on how Graham Dillabough's years of service were calculated and the total pay in lieu of termination from Nalcor Oil and Gas.11/1/2019Nalcor Energy - Oil and Gas
PB-795-2019Please provide the total costs of salaries and benefits for the last five fiscal years for the 16 non-union Nalcor staff For the hydroelectric facilities on the Exploits River as well as the job description, current salary and benefits for each position. Please also provide a breakdown of union vs. non-union staff for the same.10/21/2019Nalcor Energy
PB-797-2019Will there be any USA green house gas emission credits for Nalcor and, if not, does Nova Scotia have to Nalcor for the lost green house gas emission credits in their purchase price for excess MF power?10/21/2019Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-796-2019Please provide the job description for the operator who is currently operating Muskrat Falls for $375,000 a year. Please also explain how this salary was set and the number of years this job is needed. Please provide the annual payments to Manitoba Hydro and explain why Nalcor didn't train its own operators as suggested by the IBEW.10/18/2019Nalcor - Lower Churchill Project
PB-793-2019Please provide, by year for the last five fiscal years, the Hydro wholesale price NL Power. Please provide the total charge to NL Power and provide the breakdown of the cost. Please also provide the wholesale price per KWH and what the percentage of the NL Power retail price is due to the Hydro wholesale power cost.10/17/2019NL Hydro
PB-781-2019Did Nalcor use 92.1 MW? If not, please explain why and provide the annual cost per year for the first 10 years of Muskrat Falls to reach 92.1 MW. Should his additional cost be included in the Muskrat Falls costs to be mitigated?10/15/2019Nalcor Energy - Lower Chucrhill Project
PB-772-2019Has Nalcor asked Emera if they can supply 300 MW of backup power over the Maritime Link in the event of an extended LIL outage? Please provide the details, if so, or explain why not. Also, is there sufficient Transmission Line capacity to get 300 MW of Nova Scotia, Maritime Link power to the Avalon (please provide a total MW number if possible)?10/15/2019Nalcor Energy
PB-782-2019Please provide any records from June 1, 2019 to the current date that speak to any issues that Hydro-Quebec may have had with the integration of the Muskrat Falls Generation Station and the Labrador-Island link.10/15/2019Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-770-2019For the six months ended 2019 why did energy sales drop from $27.6M to $15.2M? Please explain why in 2018 a loss of $2.1M was $4.2M? Does this suggest a lower export revenue for future sales of Muskrat Falls Power?10/11/2019Nalcor Energy
PB-771-2019What is the impact on island rates if Synapse's higher Labrador load occurs? What is the impact on external market sales revenue?10/11/2019Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-767-2019With the delay in Muskrat Falls, what is the liability for providing the full Nova Scotia block at a later date and should this be included in Muskrat Falls rates to be mitigated? If Muskrat Falls does not reach its rated capacity in the early years, does Nova Scotia still receive 20 per cent of the rated capacity? Also, what is the end date in the Muskrat Falls and Nova Scotia agreement when the Muskrat Falls generation site is considered to be in service for the purposes of this agreement?10/10/2019Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-768-2019With the delay in LIL, when does Nalcor have to start making payments to Emera for the Nalcor LIL guarantee? Please provide estimates of payments to Emera in regards to LIL for the first three years.10/10/2019Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-769-2019For the past five fiscal years please provide the dollar value of power purchase from Hydro, the NEM export revenue and please provide details on the NEM export power purchased.10/10/2019Nalcor Energy
PB-735-2019Please provide the completed copy of the MOU Implementation Plan as well as expenses incurred by Nalcor once former DM McIntosh was contracted by Nalcor. Also, please provide the contract with Gordon McIntosh who was retained to advise Government/Nalcor including all expenses incurred since his engagement.10/1/2019Nalcor Energy
PB-728-2019Please provide all completed tender submissions received from all tenderers for Tender #76998 JW - Snow Clearing - Hydro Place for the past five years.09/30/2019Nalcor Energy
PB-732-2019Please provide the Planning Load Forecast in MW for each year (broken out separately) included in table 12, on page 295 of NL Hydro's Reliability and Resource Adequacy Study-Table 12. Please provide the total Labrador MW demand for the current year and the increase in MW required for Labrador per year, to 2030.
Also, can Nalcor comment on the increased Labrador power demand to 2030 projected by Synapse Energy Economics Inc.?
09/30/2019NL Hydro - Muskrat Falls
PB-658-2019In relation to the NL Government Pension reform please provide by year, for the past five years, the following: the actuarial gains and loses; the past service cost; the amounts paid by Nalcor employees. Please also provide information on how Nalcor handled the section referring to both government and unions being responsible for the sustainability of the plan into the future and sharing equally in the surpluses and deficits.09/10/2019Nalcor Energy
PB-637-2019How many megawatts of the 300 MW of CFLco recall power will be used by Tata Steel Minerals Canada and how many megawatts will be needed for the Wabush reopening? Please also provide by year the increased MW of power required by Labrador's mining expansion to the year 2030.08/28/2019Nalcor Energy - Churchill Falls
PB-633-2019Has Nalcor studied using wind and small hydro with the 222.9 MW peaking unit capacity to reduce the winter peak to save Holyrood fuel and reduce summer water spills? If so, please provide the reports and if not please explain why. Also, has Holyrood thermal plant area been studied for wind potential? If so, please provide the reports.08/26/2019Nalcor Energy
PB-602-2019Can insurance be obtained for the North Spur as required by the Federal Loan Guarantee?08/14/2019Nalcor Energy
PB-553-2019Please provide the transmission line megawatt capacity available to bring 300 MW of Nova Scotia Maritime Link power to the Avalon as reported in final report PB-066-2019. Please provide a copy of the studies referenced in PB-812-2018, the final report in the second quarter of 2019.07/19/2019Nalcor Energy
PB-541-2019Please provide all reports prepared and all meeting minutes in relation to Hydro's Innovation and Productivity initiative. Please also list all efficiency changes and waste elimination made with an estimate of the cost savings.07/16/2019NL Hydro
PB-539-2019Please provide details of North Spur insurance including any information on liability insurance and information on how the 164mw free Muskrat Falls bloc to Nova Scotia would be affected if the North Spur collapses. Also, how the Emera LIL- Emera ROE True Up clause requires Nalcor to pay Emera if their LIL ROE is less than 8.5% after tax and how this could be affected if the North Spur collapses.07/15/2019Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-540-2019Has Nalcor studied using wind and small hydro with the 222.9mw peaking unit capacity to reduce the winter peak? If so, please provide reports or discuss why not. Also, has the Holyrood thermal plant area been studied for wind potential? If so please provide reports.07/15/2019Nalcor Energy and NL Hydro
PB-524-2019Please provide the latest capital cost established for the Gull Island generating site including the cost per kwh and the latest report on cost. Please provide the latest capital cost established for a Gull Island transmission line through Quebec to Ontario including the cost per kwh and the latest report on cost. Please also provide the latest capital cost report for a 2250 mw transmission line from Quebec to the US including the cost per kwh.07/9/2019Nalcor Energy
PB-519-2019Multiple information requests regarding Muskrat Falls Revenue Requirements, MF and LTA return on equity deferrals, latest update on project financing costs, cost recovery methods and the latest allocations of equity and debt among each project component.07/3/2019Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-518-2019Please provide the per year capital and operating costs for the years 2021 to 2025 to keep Holyrood open as a back up for Muskrat Falls LIL outages. Also, please provide the Holyrood costs in retail cents per kWh added to retail power bills for the same years.07/2/2019Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-452-2019Has Nalcor had any working relationship with Israel Electric? If so please highlight the topic of the agreement.06/12/2019Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-433-2019For 2018, please provide the actual salaries paid, short term incentive bonuses and overtime for the Internal Audit Department at Nalcor Energy and NL Hydro.06/10/2019Nalcor Energy, NL Hydro
PB-423-2019Can you please provide a breakdown of the 31% Benefit and Burden Estimate outlined in the Nalcor internal audit.06/4/2019Nalcor Energy
PB-393-2019Please provide information regarding Nalcor officials' use of federal/provincial expense entitlements. Specifically in relation to air travel, per diem amounts and other travel regulations.05/24/2019Nalcor Energy
PB-353-2019Please outline the MF revenue requirements for the years 2070-2080.05/13/2019Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-348-2019Please provide the following information for Nalcor and all subsidiary/related companies. Who does the internal audit department report to? Please provide a list of internal audit positions showing salary, benefits, overtime and bonuses for each position. Please provide all reports prepared by the internal audit department for the last 24 months and highlight who gets copies of these internal audit reports.05/6/2019Nalcor Energy
PB-296-2019How much money has been saved to the current date and what is the balance of the current projected future cost to offset the Muskrat Falls rate. Please also explain any difference from the $175 million projected savings.04/17/2019Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-141-2019Please provide Nalcor's predicted EBITDA (pre-tax cash flow) and the projected GHG credits for the next 5 years and the rate of return assumptions used for the cash flow projection. Also, provide the rate assumptions for Muskrat Falls power and the total debt and annual debt service cost related to Muskrat. Please also provide the operating costs for Holyrood for the past five years and assumed operating costs annually post Muskrat Falls becoming operational.02/20/2019Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-095-2019Please provide the Nalcor bid evaluation and contracting strategy documentation for the same for 77404 VC-RFP-HVdc Engineering and Technical Support.02/7/2019Nalcor Energy
PB-067-2019Please provide the actual amounts paid by Newfoundland Power customers for those in rural areas for the years 2012 to 2018.01/31/2019NL Hydro
PB-001-2019Do diesel customers qualify for Newfoundland and Labrador Government energy programs, grants or loans? If so, please provide the amounts paid from 2012 to 2018. Would a separate heat pump program for diesel customers save money? Please describe the energy efficiency programs used in the diesel areas paying hydro rates. For 2012 to 2018 please provide, by year, the subsidy paid by NL Power customers for diesel customers on electric heat rates as if on Hydro.01/30/2019NL Hydro
PB-002-2019Please provide, by year, from 2014 to 2018 NL Hydro sales to NL Power both for KWH per year and in dollar amount per year.01/30/2019NL Hydro
PB-066-2019Please provide the Transmission Line MW capacity available to bring 300 MW of Nova Scotia Maritime Link power to the Avalon as reported in the final Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro report of early January 2019.01/30/2019NL Hydro
PB-017-2019Please provide by year (from 2008-2018) for the Holyrood Thermal Generating Station the number of barrels of oil burned at Holyrood, the average cost per barrel of oil and the total cost of oil per year. Please also provide the annual kwh generated by Holyrood per year, the percentage of Holyrood in the total island electricity production and the Holyrood percentage of the total island generation at system peak.01/3/2019NL Hydro
PB-972-2018Please provide the public reports which show that Nalcor advised the public that 76 MW of no cost recall was used for Muskrat Falls costing purposes.12/24/2018Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-973-2018Please provide a copy of Nalcor's monthly cash expenditures as recorded in Nalcor's accounting records for the period January 2016 through October 2018.12/21/2018Nalcor Energy
PB-954-2018This request outlines ten questions regarding the comparison of MHI's October 2012 report (p.16 chart 4) with Stan Marshall's update at Memorial University on February 15, 2018 (p.25).12/19/2018Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-945-2018Has the Muskrat Falls Corporation used the Gull Island water rights as part of the security provided for the Muskrat Falls bonds? If so, how will this impact the future development of Gull Island?12/17/2018Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-946-2018Please provide the reports by Nalcor which show that 300 MW of Nova Scotia backup power via the Maritime Link will be available for NL if needed in a LIL outage? Also, has Nalcor asked Emera directly if they can supply 300 MW of backup power over the Maritime Link to NL if LIL has an extended winter outage if the outage lasts more than one month?12/17/2018Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-944-2018Please provide all documentation and methodology that went into the preparation of the benefits table provided in response to PB-519-2015 and appears as Exhibit P-00254 for the Muskrat Falls Inquiry.12/17/2018Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-947-2018Please provide copies of reports regarding back up power supply for the Avalon (one month of more possible in remote areas) from two years prior to Muskrat Falls sanction up to the present.12/15/2018Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-936-2018Please provide the estimated savings per year to the present if the plan for TL 267 to get 176 MW of existing hydro energy to the Avalon had proceeded as planned to displace Holyrood Fuel. Please also provide the NL Hydro reports showing the cost did not justify the savings in regards to the TL 267 in 2011.12/11/2018NL Hydro
PB-912-2018The Muskrat Falls DG3 CPW was $8.4 billion. Please provide the impact of using higher transmission losses, up to 10%, on the Muskrat Falls DG3 CPW.12/3/2018Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-915-2018If operating and maintenance cost of $109 million was used, what would be the increased Muskrat Falls CPW (with Muskrat Falls DG3 CPW at $8.4 billion)?12/3/2018Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-903-2018Please update PB-32-2018 to include the Wabush Mine in Labrador.11/28/2018Nalcor Energy
PB-902-2018Please provide the dollar amount of the original Astaldi bid for the Muskrat Falls generation site. Please provide the names and dollar amounts of the other bidders.11/26/2018Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-892-2018Please provide separate costs for the ESP and scrubbers (total $680.5 million) and how much money has been spent on ESP since DG# CPW?11/23/2018Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-880-2018Please provide a summary of contract history between Nalcor and WGKNOX Project Supervision Inc., the selection criteria used to select them to provide services for the Muskrat Falls Project and the roles/responsibilities of the individuals who performed services under this contract. Please also list the material/equipment provided by the contractor and Nalcor for this contract as well as the insurance requirements for the contractor and a summary of any potential re-assignments, secondments and performance reviews.Please also provide the total compensation amount by year since the start of this contractual relationship.11/19/2018Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-879-2018Please provide, by year, from 2007 to the present, the payments made to Westney Consulting with a description of the work performed.11/16/2018Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-856-2018Does the Holyrood thermal station meet federal and provincial regulations for nitrous oxide emissions? Please provide nitrous oxide emissions for the last five years and the money spent to reduce these emissions.11/9/2018Nalcor Energy
PB-852-2018For the Muskrat Falls Isolated Island option please provide the dollar amount included in the Muskrat Falls DG3 CPW for the unnecessary Holyrood scrubber.11/7/2018Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-836-2018Please provide detailed invoices for Nalcor's legal fees of the $5.8 million up to September 2018 for the Supreme Court case HQ and detailed invoices for any other Nalcor costs related to this case. Please provide detailed invoices for Nalcor's legal fees from September to the current date. Please provide total costs by law firm for both as well.11/5/2018Nalcor Energy
PD-843-2018Was the LRA cost included in the Muskrat Falls DG3 cost? If the LRA cost was not in the Muskrat Falls DG3 cost, how much money should the LRA have included in the DG3 cost for Muskrat Falls?11/5/2018Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-812-2018Is there sufficient transmission line capacity to bring 300 MW of Nova Scotia Maritime Link power to the Avalon if needed during the winter due to LIL failure?10/29/2018Nalcor Energy
PB-813-2018Low early year revenues can cause the debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) to be below Nalcor's 1.40 target. Due to this an LRA is put in place to provide a liquidity buffer for lender's benefits and the LRA is taken into account in the DSCR calculations. Is this due to PPA back end loading? Also, please explain the LRA and if the federal government required this for the Federal Loan Guarantee.10/29/2018Nalcor Energy
PB-786-2018What is the impact on DG3 CPW for not using actual cash costs for PPA (Muskrat Falls site, LTA)? And is TL on a COS basis?10/22/2018Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-787-2018Does the obligation by Nalcor to provide open access to its transmission facilities mean that Hydro Quebec can sell power directly to NL Power; Industrial customers in Labrador; Industrial customers on the island?10/22/2018Nalcor Energy
PB-785-2018Please provide the names of the consults that Nalcor used for the Muskrat Falls PPA agreement and the payments that were made to these consultants. Please also provide all reports that were prepared by these Muskrat Falls PPA consultants.10/20/2018Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-748-2018How much money has been spent on Gull Island to date with regards to land clearing, road construction and any other preliminary related infrastructure at Gull Island by Nalcor?10/9/2018Nalcor Energy
PB-749-2018Please provide the current Astaldi estimate for the completed Muskrat Falls contract and outline the changes by date and dollar amount from the original $1.1B contract to show how Astaldi then arrived at the current estimate. Please provide detailed reasons for each of the changes.10/9/2018Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-731-2018Please provide a complete list of business financial assistance programs. For 2015, 2016 and 2017 please include the name of the program, total budget, total marketing spending, total number of private sector companies and self employed individuals who applied for funding based on company size, total who received funding and the total approved funding.10/1/2018Nalcor Energy
PB-735-2018Has the cost to purchase the 76MW to fill the LIL line been costed in the Muskrat Falls power rates and please provide the cost of this per year for 50 years.
Please provide information per year for 2021-2081 on Muskrat Falls PPA and LIL payments as well as total payment for Muskrat Falls; Muskrat Falls energy in kwh delivered to Holyrood as UC (76MW) recall energy from the Upper Churchill, for Nova Scotia, NLH and total; Cost per kwh delivered to Holyrood for NLH, Nova Power, UC (recall 76 MW) and total.
10/1/2018Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-736-2018Based on the projected Muskrat Falls cost of $12.7B please provide by year from 2021 to 2081 the projected customer retail power rate (including HST) in cents/kwh and the projected Nalcor profit per kwh included in the customer retail rate in cents/kwh (in cents per customer retail rate kwh).10/1/2018Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project; NL Hydro
PB-716-2018Please provide the Manitoba Hydro International (MHI) Decision Gate 3 (DG3) report on Muskrat Falls. How much could the cumulative percent worth (CPW) for the isolated option be reduced if the unnecessary Holyrood SO environmental work was eliminated?09/24/2018Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-698-2018Please provide the report(s) on the hydro peaking unit capacity at Bay d'Espoir and Cat Arm.09/17/2018Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-697-2018Please provide multiple projections for the years 2019-70, including load growth projections used by Nalcor, revised revenue requirements and the AFUDC for Muskrat Falls, LTA and LIL, among others.09/12/2018Nalcor Energy
PB-651-2018Without releasing any privileged contractual information please provide Contract 2018-73829JW that Nalcor awarded to Johnson Controls on July 3, 2018.08/27/2018Nalcor Energy - Churchill Falls
PB-683-2018Please provide the contracts that Nalcor and its affiliates has or have had with Johnson Controls for the period of January 2978 to present.08/20/2018Nalcor Energy
PB-597-2018Request for all data on wiring and fiber optic cabling/data interconnection and terminations within your department from May 1, 2016 to current.08/2/2018Nalcor Energy
PB-583-2018Please provide a copy of any report(s) prepared by Thierry Vandal that were filed in Quebec Superior Court with the file number 500-17-078217-133.07/27/2018Nalcor Energy - Churchill Falls
PB-577-2018Requesting all information and documents provided to Nalcor Energy from Emera Inc. in relation to the Maritime Link Project.07/24/2018Nalcor Energy
PB-574-2018Please provide all records related to Rate Mitigation from the last 18 months including any studies or reports on the various options being considered by Nalcor.07/23/2018Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-567-2018Please provide an updated version of the documents provided in response to File # PB-443-2017, including updated end dates for embedded contractors on the Lower Churchill Project, hours billed to present and total amounts paid to each contractor.07/20/2018Nalcor Energy - Lower Churchill Project
PB-553-2018Please update the table in PB-91-2018 with a column for fringe benefits for the 17 staff in Corporate Services, Financial Services and Regulatory Affairs for NLH. Please provide by position for the last 5 years.07/16/2018NL Hydro
PB-541-2018Please provide an updated table showing the data behind Figure 1 of the November 10, 2011 Submission to the Public Utilities Board for the period 1970 to 2017, separating out residential, general service and industry load served by each of NLH and NP.07/9/2018NL Hydro
PB-540-2018Please provide the most recent report comparing Nalcor salaries and benefits to the other Atlantic provinces utilities. Please do the same for NL Hydro. Also, please provide the most recent report comparing NL Hydro salaries and benefits to NL Power.07/6/2018Nalcor Energy and NL Hydro
PB-506-2018Please provide the mandated document provided by Nalcor which outlines that the Independent Engineer (IE) that Nalcor has no contractual or other relationship with the IE other than the obligation to pay the fees of the IE.06/29/2018Lower Churchill Project
PB-499-2018Which company/companies was awarded and/or performed the works associated with Nalcor RFP SH0051?06/27/2018Lower Churchill Project
PB-491-2018Request for notes of a meeting held by former CEO Ed Martin with senior executives on April 14, 2011 to discuss Muskrat Falls.06/22/2018Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB-402-2018Please provide all data connected with these new boreholes and any analysis done by Nalcor or their contractors/experts on the soil/material contained within the core samples.05/30/2018Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB-242-2018Please provide information on government's invested equity.03/19/2018Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB-231-2018All documents and correspondence created between January 01, 2011 - Dec 31, 2011 between Ed Martin, Gil Bennett, Rob Henderson and between all officers and directors of Nalcor and subsidiaries re the MF PUB terms of reference.03/19/2018Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB-200-2018All documentation
- relating to the need for and methods of Muskrat Falls power rate mitigation, including estimates of amounts required and sources of funding
-surrounding implications for water management and MF power output should the Quebec court decision interpreting the exercise of the 25 year option under the Upper Churchill Contract remain in effect
03/6/2018Lower Churchill Project
PB-173-2018Information related to Geotechnical Peer Review of Dr S Bernander's Reports and Analysis of the North Spur.02/26/2018Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB-149-20181. When will Nalcor make the LIL a regulated utility?
2. Does Nalcor plan on making the MF site / LTA a regulated utility?
3. Re: Section 5.13 Emera ROE True Up does this clause require Nalcor to pay Emera if their LIL ROE is less than 8.5% over the life of the LIL agreement?
02/20/2018Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB-148-2018Provide re Nalcor/Emera MF LIL agreements-
All emails between Jan 1, 2012 - Dec 31, 2014 between Ed Martin, Gil Bennett, Rob Hull, Peter Hickman and between all officers and directors and subsidiaries including the NL Gov re the Nalcor/Emera MF LIL agreements
02/20/2018Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB-154-20181. Why doesn't Emera pay corporate income taxes from 2018 - 2037 on the LIL?
2. Is Emera reimbursed its corporate income taxes by Nalcor from 2018-2037 on the LIL?
3. If yes, provide the Emera corporate tax reimbursement per year from 2018-2037 by Nalcor to Emera on the LIL?
02/19/2018Nalcor Energy
PB-144-2018 and PB-147-2018PB-144-2018
Please provide a copy of the source data and mathematical calculations used to produce the dollar amount shown in the spreadsheet included in ATIPPA file #PB-651-2017

Please provide a copy of the source data and mathematical calculations used to produce each dollar amount shown in the spreadsheet included in ATIPPA file #PB-555-2017
02/19/2018Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB-150-2018Information regarding Section 5.15 Tax Adjustment True Up02/19/2018Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB-129-2018Concerns, questions and complaints from workers, government and community members regarding hiring by recruitment agencies at the MF Lower Churchill project.
Results of all internal investigations initiated by concerns, questions or complaints about hiring by recruitment agencies at the MF Lower Churchill project.
02/14/2018Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB-126-2018Provide by year from 2018-2060 Nalcor's cash received from its Hebron 4.9% equity stake.
Provide an update to the equity cost of $110M and another $650 million that came at a cost of $110 million for the original buy-in and another $650 million for pre production and construction costs
Provide by year from 2018-2060 Hebron royalties paid to the NL Govt.
02/12/2018Nalcor Energy
PB-114-2018Provide explanation for 180 employees increase Mar 31, 2017 to Sept 30, 2017
Provide detailed breakdown by subsidiary with comparative breakdown for September 30 and March 30
02/8/2018Nalcor Energy
PB-65-20181. Provide the page number in LIL agreement on an estimate of Emera's total income tax costs has been included in the projected MF power rates but it has not been broken down between the federal and provincial components
2.Had Nalcor advised the NL Gov that the LIL NL income taxes paid by Emera can be used to mitigate MF rates
02/1/2018Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB-97-2018A list of items purchased from Grand and Toy from August 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017.01/30/2018Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB-91-2018For the 17 staff in Corporate Services, Financial Services, Regulatory Affairs for NLH, please provide by position for last 5 years:
a)annual salary b)overtime c)bonus d)total cost (also provide column totals down)
For Corporate Services, Regulatory affairs and Financial services for NLH, please provide total expenses by year for the last five years
01/29/2018NL Hydro
PB-74-2018Copies of the Corporation's records and files pertaining to the extension of the main electrical distribution line located on route 92 (North Harbour Road) and within the community infilling limits of a municipality at Branch, NL.01/24/2018Nalcor Energy, NL Hydro
PB-62-20181. Provide details of why Emera's net income is 1.51 cents per kwh
2. Provide net income per year in cents per kwh for Emera and for Nalcor for the first 50 years of the MF project
3. Provide net income per year for Emera and Nalcor for the first 50 years of the MF project
01/22/2018Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB-61-2018Provide the corporate tax rate use for Emera for the first 5 years of the LIL.
Provide the corporate taxes in $ included in MF power rates by year for the first 5 years,
01/22/2018Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB-56-2018Provide the LIL cost of Emera's total income tax cost by year - from 2018-2072
Provide the rate per kwh for Emera's LIL income taxes per year from 2018-2072
01/19/2018Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB-55-2018Please provide a copy of the Collateral Agency Agreement referred to in the 29 November 2013 MF Equity Support Agreement.01/19/2018Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB-33-2018Please provide:
1. The forecast energy sales of MF power on the island, in Labrador and externally
2. The ROE for each of the MF assets and Labrador transmission assets, corresponding with the information for the LIL provided in PB-740-2017
3. The depreciation allowances included in revenue requirements for each of MF, LTA and LIL
4. The operating and maintenance costs for each of MF, LTA and LIL
5. The fuel costs for each year.
01/15/2018Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB-31-2018Based on a $12.7B MF cost, update the 36.1 cents per kwh.01/15/2018Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB-32-2018Has the cost to purchase the 76 MW to fill the LIL line been costed in the MF power rates?
Provide the cost per year for 50 years to purchase this 76 MW need to fill the 900 MW LIL
01/15/2018Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB-846-2017Payments following the commissioning of the Muskrat Falls Generating Plant, the Labrador-Island Link and Labrador Transmission assets that occur between Nalcor, Emera and/or subsidiaries of Emera pursuant to the November 29, 2013 agreement.11/20/2017Lower Churchill Project
PB-771-2017The English translation of the Memoire de L'Intimee filed by Hydro Quebec in the Supreme Court of Canada proceeding the case number 37238.10/23/2017Churchill Falls
PB-756-2017 and PB-759-2017Daily environmental reports that reference sightings, interactions and consequences that relate to black bear encounters and relocation efforts as part of the construction of the Lower Churchill Project.

All date related to Furbearer sightings and interactions for the Lower Churchill Project.
10/20/2017Lower Churchill Project
PB-757-2017Pre-impoundment beaver colony surveys for the Lower Churchill Project and related data and correspondence.10/20/2017Lower Churchill Project
PB-760-2017All GHG activity data from the reporting of fuel consumption for the Lower Churchill Project.10/20/2017Lower Churchill Project
PB-763-2017Telemetry collar data of Collard Caribou with buffers around the Lower Churchill Project Footprint.10/20/2017Lower Churchill Project
PB-740-2017For the Labrador-Island Link provide for each year from 2021 to 2070 the return on equity and the amount for Emera and the return on equity and the amount for Nalcor.10/12/2017Lower Churchill Project
PB-702-2017Annual MFLTA payment, annual Labrador-Island-Link payment and total of those payments for each year from 2012 to 2069.09/26/2017Lower Churchill Project
PB-693-2017Data relating to ice thickness on the Churchill river downstream of Muskrat Falls.09/18/2017Lower Churchill Project
PB-651-2017Cost projections for Muskrat Falls.09/5/2017Lower Churchill Project
PB-650-2017A list of items purchased from Grand and Toy Limited for the Lower Churchill Project between June 1, 2017 and July 31, 2017.08/30/2017Lower Churchill Project
PB-635-2017Any and all communications to/from Stan Marshall and/or Jim Haynes from January 1, 2017, to present regarding rate mitigation.08/25/2017Nalcor Energy, NL Hydro
PB-638-2017Any and all communications to/from Gilbert Bennett regarding methylmercury in Lake Melville for the period of May 1, 2017 to present.08/25/2017Lower Churchill Project
PB-633-2017Any documents showing potential future revenue from the Lower Churchill Project (Phase 1) for January 1, 2013 to present.08/25/2017Lower Churchill Project
PB-634-2017Any and all communication to/from Stan Marshall from January 1, 2017 to present regarding US energy markets.08/25/2017Nalcor Energy
PB-636-2017A list of recorded incidents for the Lower Churchill Project resulting in lost-time injuries.08/25/2017Lower Churchill Project
PB-637-2017A list of all meetings and scheduled calls between Stan Marshall and Premier Dwight Ball and Stan Marshall and Siobhan Coady from January 1, 2017 to present.08/25/2017Nalcor Energy
PB-639-2017Any and all communication to/from Stan Marshall and/or Jim Haynes from January 1, 2017 to present regarding interconnection of the Island Interconnected System and the North American electrical GRID in relation to cyber security.08/25/2017Nalcor Energy
PB-602-2017A complete list of contractors employed on the Lower Churchill Project (Phase 1), showing the amount paid to each contractor to date.08/18/2017Lower Churchill Project
PB-556-2017Internal assessment of Mud Lake flooding.08/15/2017Lower Churchill Project
PB-592-2017All information relating to bonds set aside for loss of Habitat under Environmental Assessment for the Lower Churchill Project.08/15/2017Lower Churchill Project
PB-563-2017Briefing notes and information relating to Terra Nova/Suncor Energy royalty regime.08/9/2017Nalcor Energy, Oil and Gas
PB-555-2017Request for equity return details as outlined in the 2015 budget speech.08/3/2017Nalcor Energy
PB-491-2017Nalcor Energy procurement policies from 2010 to 2017.07/12/2017Nalcor Energy
PB-492-2017Organizational charts for the Lower Churchill Management Corporation Delivery Team fro 2016 and 2017.07/12/2017Lower Chuchill Project
PB-450-2017Cell phone bills for Stan Marshall since April 2016.06/29/2017Nalcor Energy
PB-441-2017A list of all contracts awarded by Nalcor Energy and any of its subsidiaries for any part of the Lower Churchill Project, along with the company the contract was awarded to, the awarded value of the contract, and the final total amount paid out for all contracts that have been completed.06/28/2017Nalcor Energy, Lowerr Churchill Project
PB-443-2017List of people who have done work for Nalcor or any of its subsidiaries on a professional services contract between 2010 and 2017.06/28/2017Nalcor Energy
PB-382-2017The Lower Churchill Project Impacts and Benefits Agreements.06/15/2017Lower Churchill Project
PB-396-2017A list of items purchased from Grand and Toy Limited for the period from October 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017 restricted to items purchased by Muskrat Falls Corporation.06/15/2017Lower Churchill Project
PB-234-2017Any and all records relating to clean up, removal and remediation of the site of the former Newfoundland Hydro diesel generating plant in Rencontre East.05/15/2017Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-177-2017A copy of the Report into the collapse of concrete framework at the Muskrat Falls Site reported to have occurred on May 29-30, 2016.04/24/2017Lower Churchill Project
PB-127-2017Any documentation or communications regarding compensation for Mark MacLeod, James Hillyard, Christopher Hickman, Ann Marie Hann, John Green, Brendan Paddick.03/31/2017Nalcor Energy
PB-126-2017Any communication and documentation regarding a proposed name change for CF(L)Co.03/31/2017Churchill Falls
PB-125-2017Any records pertaining to 'permafrost' and/or 'ground frost' and/or 'frozen ground' in Labrador. I am looking for records which include communications related to, information about or data relating to the above keywords. This request includes relevant information or communications by contractors such as Valard who did encounter frozen ground during transmission right-of-way construction in Labrador and during a comprehensive drilling program conducted across Labrador.03/29/2017Lower Churchill Project
PB-62-2017A breakdown of all costs associated with the Muskrat Falls Protests from October 1 to present.03/6/2017Lower Churchill Project
PB-849-2016Please provide a copy of the report into the collapse of concrete framework described by VP Gilbert Bennett "to look at all aspects of the work and understand what the root cause was".12/28/2016Lower Churchill Project
PB-850-2016Please provide a copy of the revised or amended loan guarantee agreement with the federal government which extends the loan guarantee to $7.9 billion dollars for the NL component of the Muskrat Falls project.12/28/2016Lower Churchill Project
PB/538/2016All emails sent to/from Paul Harrington between March 23, 2015 and April 3, 2015 inclusive related to the 2015 AGM or Astaldi.11/21/2016Lower Churchill Project
PB/537/2016All emails sent to/from Nalcor Energy board members between March 23, 2015 and April 3, 2015 inclusive related to the 2015 AGM or Astaldi.11/21/2016Lower Churchill Project
PB/547/2016Please provide copies of all reports on Muskrat Falls prepared by the independent engineer up to the present - clarified to only those reports not available on Nalcor website.11/21/2016Lower Churchill Project
PB/568/2016All contracts between Nalcor and Stantec between 2008-2014, including the dollar amounts paid in those contracts.11/21/2016Nalcor Energy
PB/567/2016A copy of the procedure for the removal of boiler ash which accumulates in the bottom of the heat chambers utilized in the burning of bunker C oil at the Holyrood generating station. In particular, a description of how the boiler ash is removed and disposed of, where the ash is taken after removal and all associated documentation which demonstrates that it is done in an environmentally sound manner in accordance with all environmental legislation.11/21/2016Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB/531/2016All reports and analyses conducted by Wade Lock for Nalcor Energy and its subsidiaries.11/21/2016Nalcor Energy
PB/593/2016Please disclose how much nalcor paid for individual cottages during the transmission right of way acquisition. How was the amounts calculated?11/21/2016Lower Churchill Project
PB/613/2016I would like to request the 2015 and 2016 budgets for the 21 isolated electrical diesel power generation systems in the province including, but not limited to, the fuel usage and associated costs, labor expenses for both regular and overtime, repair and maintenance expenses, and the associated populations they support by station.11/21/2016Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB/702/2016A copy of the report of the visit to Muskrat Falls by the Independent Engineer (MWH Global) which took place in July and was submitted in draft form September 20, 2016.11/21/2016Lower Churchill Project
PB/536/2016All emails sent to/from Gilbert Bennett Between March 23, 2015 and April 3, 2015 inclusive related to the 2015 AGM or Astaldi11/21/2016Lower Churchill Project
PB-797-2016Please advise which company was awarded the contract to complete the work for the Lower Churchill Muskrat Falls Hydroelectric Development CH0031 to Supply and Install Mechanical and Electrical Auxiliaries - HVAC.11/18/2016Lower Churchill Project
PB-200-2016The name, job title and corresponding total taxable income for the 2015 tax year for all Nalcor Energy employees earning more than $100,000.09/2/2016Nalcor
PB/515/2016Copy of any 2014 report to the Board of Directors re: Code of Conduct and Business Ethics Compliance08/5/2016Nalcor Energy
PB/516/2016Lower Churchill contracts including estimated cost for each of the work packagaes at time contract was awarded and the actual cost of work upon completion.08/5/2016Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB/505/2016Copy of the guidelines for compensation and recovery of expenses for Nalcor Energy directors and directors of Nalcor subsidiary companies08/4/2016Nalcor Energy
PB/506/2016Contracts awarded and project cost updates in relation to the Muskrat Falls Project08/4/2016Nalcor Energy, Muskrat Falls, Lower Churchill Project
PB/499/2016List of Bonds and Treasury Bills issued by the Government and Nalcor Energy since December 14, 2015.08/1/2016Nalcor Energy
PB/477/2016Charge rate invoiced to Nalcor Energy for contractors through recruiting agencies provided to Nalcor on Muskrat Falls project.07/18/2016Nalcor Energy, Muskrat Falls, Lower Churchill Project
PB/402/2016Material prepared for the board of directors related to the termination of Ed Martin without cause, including but not limited to the legal opinion.07/14/2016Nalcor Energy
PB/467/2016Stan Marshall's employment contract.07/12/2016Nalcor Energy
PB/450/2016List of Nalcor employees, in addition to former CEO, who are eligible for supplementary executive retirement plan, along with a copy of the plan" as the summary.07/12/2016Nalcor Energy
PB/451/2016List of Nalcor employees covered by employment contracts with severance arrangements modelled on, or similar to, those contained in the contract with former CEO Ed Martin.07/12/2016Nalcor Energy
PB/404/2016All emails sent to/from any Nalcor Energy board members between Friday April 15 and Friday April 22 inclusive07/6/2016Nalcor Energy
PB/422/2016Ed Martin Settlement Agreement, Board minutes re Ed Martin termination/retirement, and, Ed Martin Incentive Plans.06/30/2016Nalcor Energy
PB/424/2016Mr. Martin's original contract dated 2005, along with his 2005 letter of appointment.06/30/2016Nalcor Energy
PB/320/2016Organization structure of the Lower Churchill Project, mode of employment of staff, listing of recruitment agencies used and the results of any internal audits.06/30/2016Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB/430/2016Final pricing of bids submitted for tender # 2016-66459VC" as the summary if you don't already have one.06/30/2016Nalcor Energy
PB/414/2016Correspondence between two individuals regarding the Muskrat Falls Project between July 2015 and May 27, 2016 and correspondence between several individuals regarding the Muskrat Falls Project and mercury/methylmercury between July 2010 and August 2011.06/29/2016Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB/412/2016Ed Martin's termination letter, correspondence regarding legal opinion on Mr. Martin's severance payment, and correspondence between Mr. Martin, the Nalcor Board and the Premier's office between April 1 and 21 relating to Mr. Martin's termination.06/29/2016Nalcor Energy
PB/417/2016Email correspondence between the Board and government and between the Board and Mr. Martin relating to Mr. Martin's termination and severance, with time-of-day date, over the period April 20, 2016 and May 5, 2016.06/29/2016Nalcor Energy
PB/411/2016A copy of the letter approving Ed Martin's severance payment, including signature06/29/2016Nalcor Energy
PB/421/2016Nalcor Energy By-Laws, rules governing stipends, remuneration or reimbursement of expenses paid to members of the Board of Directors of Nalcor and its subsidiaries, along with any severance arrangements.06/29/2016Nalcor Energy
PB/316/2016Employment contract between Nalcor Energy and Edmund Martin along with the severance or termination pay resulting from his retirement as announced April 20, 2016.05/20/2016Nalcor Energy
PB/317/2016Bonuses paid to Nalcor executives since January 1, 2016, records relating to Mr. Ed Martin's severance and a copy of Mr. Martin's employment contract.05/20/2016Nalcor Energy
PB/403/2016Legal opinion concerning the resignation or termination of Ed Martin05/20/2016Nalcor Energy
PB/416/2016Please advise when the severance payment to Mr. Martin was issued and whether approval or ratification by the new Board of Directors was granted. If it was granted, please advise the form taken by such ratification and whose signature appears on the instrument of ratification, including time-of-day dating.05/20/2016Nalcor Energy
PB-425-2016Please provide an allocation of Mr. Martin’s severance payment among the various lines of business of Nalcor Energy, including the amount which will be charged to ratepayers for power purchased from NL Hydro, both power purchased directly from NL Hydro, in regions of the province served directly by NL Hydro and for power sold to Newfoundland Power, for distribution to ratepayers within its service area.05/20/2016Nalcor Energy
PB-432-2016Details of all payments to Ed Martin on or since April 20, 2016.05/20/2016Nalcor Energy
PB-200-2016The name, job title and corresponding total taxable income for the 2015 tax year for all Nalcor Energy employees earning more than $100,000.04/5/2016Nalcor Energy
PB-172-2016Questions relating to the Muskrat Falls Financing.03/29/2016Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB/158/2016, PB/168/2016, PB/169/2016, PB/201/2016, PB/203/2016Geo-technical tests and reports relating to the North Spur03/23/2016Nalcor, atipp, Information
PB/159/2016Any and all drawings showing the location and details of all pump wells in the North Spur.02/24/2016Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB/38/2016Request for update of two Requests for Information which were filed with the Board of Commissioners of Public Utilities during the 2012 Muskrat Falls Review (page 6 of CA-KPL-Nalcor 27 Rev 1 and page 2 of PUB-Nalcor-5) based on most recent cost and load growth forecasts.01/19/2016Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB-576-2015Estimate of NL Hydro's revenue requirement for the first full year after commissioning of the Muskrat Falls Project and each of the subsequent 50 years, as well as wholesale rates and retail rates charged by Newfoundland Power.01/13/2016Nalcor Energy, Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB/568/2015Current market value of the investments made by Nalcor in the oil and gas industry.12/3/2015Nalcor Oil & Gas
PB/519/2015Calculations supporting Ed Martin's claims that the Muskrat Falls Project will generate $60 billion in savings and revenue to the province over the next 50 years, including underlying fuel, load growth and return on equity assumptions.11/24/2015Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project
PB/501/2015Updated interconnected electricity rates and interconnected consumer bill in 2018, 2020, 2025 and 2030 to reflect September 2015 project cost update.11/18/2015Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project, Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB/426/2015Historic and projected investments in oil & gas and dividends for the period of 2005-2026, including underlying assumptions for projections. Historic and projected investments in the Muskrat Falls project for the period of 2005-2068 as well as projected recoveries of the investment.09/22/2015Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project, Nalcor Oil & Gas
PB/429/2015Historic and projected investments in oil & gas and dividends for the period of 2005-2026, including underlying assumptions for projections. Historic and projected investments in the Muskrat Falls project for the period of 2005-2068 as well as projected recoveries of the investment.09/22/2015Nalcor Energy, Lower Churchill Project, Nalcor Oil & Gas
PB-185-2015All records relating to the investment/participation in the multi-client TGS/PGS surveys including revenues, payments, agreements, communications, accounting records, income to Nalcor, return of capital/investment to Nalcor, sales information.07/3/2015Nalcor Energy, Nalcor Oil & Gas
PB-181-2015All legal fees paid by Nalcor for fiscal years 2012/13, 2013/14 and 2014/15, listed by firm.05/22/2015Nalcor Energy
PB-133-2015The amount of money spent on marketing and advertising in budget years 2013/14 and 2014/15, as well as a detailed breakdown of money spent on We Are Ready campaign.05/8/2015Nalcor Energy, Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
PB-404-2018Request for Expressions of Interest and Proposals Lower Churchill Hydro Resource, January 200503/4/2024