Transparency and Accountability

At Hydro we believe the sharing of information is an important part of openly engaging the public and creating a broader understanding of our core businesses and operations.

Committed to Open Communication

Through all of our reporting processes and procedures, we ensure accountability and provide due diligence and oversight. As part of regular business operations, Hydro reports to the public, government and stakeholders through formal reports, our public Annual General Meeting, responses to public requests for information as well as public information sessions, open houses and presentations offered throughout the province.

Reports and Plans

We submit an Annual Performance Report addressing all strategic issues outlined in our Strategic Plan.

ATIPPA Responses

We provide access to responses to requests made under the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Public Notices

We post all stakeholder updates and public notices in our newsroom.

For more information on our Protection of Privacy Policy, please click here.

We continue our commitment to public accountability through our government and regulatory interfaces which include:

  • A presentation of capital and operating budgets to the Premier and Ministers of Natural Resources and Finance as well as senior government officials for review and approval
  • The Public Utilities Board (PUB) has oversight of our capital programs, General Rate Applications and other rate related filings
  • Hydro also has regular quarterly and annual reporting to the PUB as well as other numerous report requests

The government is able to audit Hydro and its processes and the Auditor General has open access to the company.