Serving Our Province

Goal 4: Engage Who We Serve

We will proactively engage and listen to our stakeholders to better understand their expectations and demonstrate our delivery on those expectations.

We have proudly served the people of Newfoundland and Labrador for more than 50 years, in more than 200 communities across our beautiful province. We have also harnessed the power of our vast hydroelectric assets to provide renewable energy beyond our borders – to millions of customers in Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario and the Northeastern United States. We believe in listening to those we serve, being open and transparent about our operations, and ensuring our customers better understand our work and our commitment to them.

By proactively engaging with our stakeholders, we can seek to understand their needs and operate with their unique positions and interests in mind. We will do this by sharing relevant information, seeking input to expand our knowledge, and collaborating with industry peers and partners to benefit the people of the province.

  1. Openly and regularly communicate with stakeholders regarding our operations by ensuring clear, accessible information, continued customer education regarding our operations such as outages and load management, and proactively coordinating and sharing annual system plans with affiliated partners and impacted communities.

  2. Actively seek input from our stakeholders and incorporate their feedback to improve our customer service capabilities through initiatives such as customer satisfaction surveys and inclusive and collaborative consultation on future changes to our provincial electricity system.

  3. Collaborate and support stakeholders, particularly regarding efforts to manage increasing impacts of climate change. These impacts require us to assess the resilience of our infrastructure – adapting how we plan, operate and respond to severe weather events. We will work with local communities and partners to continue providing reliable service and keep our communities safe.